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KronoLog is the information manager for the information age.  It is the ideal program for use by attorneys and other professionals who need to keep track of the substantial volume of information that comes across their desk.  The information, texts and/or graphics, can be stored and instantly retrieved with an absolute minimum of effort.  Do searches using any string and then perform additional searches within your search results.  Generate to-do lists, keep track of clients, employees, projects and even prepare invoices at the stroke of a key.  Transfer KronoLog data to and from multiple sites.  These are just some of the many things you can do with KronoLog.


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Awards garnered by KronoLog, version 1.050327, as of August 1, 2005

Article about KronoLog, version 1.050327, in Certification Magazine website

Five stars award from Shareware Connection Top 5 Stars Rating from  Five stars award from ProgramURL

   SoftPedia Certification (5648 bytes) Five out of five gold medal from SoftforAll 

 4sd_120x60.gif (1843 bytes)  it_5stars.gif (5403 bytes) BrotherSoft's Review Staff gave KronoLog "its maximum 5 out of 5 Rating because this product is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface and it is excellent compared to other programs in its Personal Information Manager section"

Awards garnered by Whistler's List as of August 1, 2005

Certified as clean by it_5stars.gif (5403 bytes)  Shareware Connection Top Award (2110 bytes) Top award from       

Kron•o•Log (krn' e lg) n., pl. Kron•o•Logs (krn' e  lgs) [Gr. < chronos, time]    1. an award-winning high-quality program that has excellent contact management database design, project managment, case management and time management functions, 2. a special type of information and practice management software for effective time and billing needs, 3. a free-form open ended information structural paradigm that that utilizes the latest in information technology, 4. a great program for lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals who need the best in case management software,  5. an organizer you know you really need